Information about Ecstasy

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Ecstasy is the nickname employed for methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). Other names include XTC, X, Adam, Clarity, Lover’s Speed and some brand names include Mitsubishi, Triple Stack, Superman, and Roadrunner.

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This drug produces energizing feelings like euphoria, empathy plus a distortion over time perception. It’s most often taken orally in pill format and exerts an effect on serotonin within the brain. Serotonin is liable for communication between neurons inside the brain when MDMA is ingested, serotonin levels increase.

Ecstasy is highly addictive. A lot of people taking the drug will take it again following the very first time. Therefore, it is shrewd to prevent environments like underground parties such as raves. Forty three percent of those people who use ecstasy have reported a reliance on the drug as is also alert to the physical harm to one’s body but can’t stop taking the drug.

The long term results of ecstasy on the human body aren’t yet known. However, short-term effects normally include harm to the guts, teeth, and depletion of certain chemicals in the brain. The most effective strategy for ecstasy use is a behavioral intervention including support groups, counseling and family and friends supprt. There are no medications to deal with ecstasy addiction.

The next time you meet somebody who might be a drug addict, try not to discriminate. In sociology, one learns to be open minded along with other cultures. Addiction is often a culture by itself. The addict simply carries a craving for a material in order to meet a compound imbalance in the brain. It has absolutely nothing to use morality. Fundamental essentials info about ecstasy addiction.


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